What is the best multivitamin to prevent flu and respiratory diseases?

A very bad habit is to wait until the flu arrives, to then take care of ourselves and take vitamins; the ideal is to prevent it in the months prior to sudden changes in temperature.


For this, nothing like taking multivitamins that contain vitamins A, C and D , because these act directly on our immune system strengthening the defenses of the respiratory system.


If you have any doubt about the power of these three vitamins , here I show you the benefits:


Vitamin A


It helps the development of membranes and mucous membranes, and the formation and protection of teeth, soft tissues and bones; In addition, it is a powerful antioxidant.


Vitamin C


It shortens cold symptoms by promoting a healthy immune system, and aids in the absorption of iron. You should know that the body can not produce this vitamin on its own, hence the importance of taking it in concentrates and multivitamins.


Vitamin D


It helps the immune system to function properly, develops healthy bones and teeth; This vitamin is obtained when you expose yourself directly to the sun.


Aderogyl is a multivitamin that includes them all (A, C and D ), and it is super practical because it is presented in oral ampoules, easy to consume.


Only one should be taken each week, both children and adults, and in this way the whole family will be protected against many diseases.


What are you waiting to protect those you love the most?

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