What are the 14 types of men we do not like?

Has it ever happened to you that a guy loves you, but when he gets close, all you want is to run away? Let's be honest: Prince Charming does not exist! However, there are 14 types of men that women hate.

We understand that as good human beings we are, we all have shortcomings. But, when it comes to men, there is a long list of habits, behaviors and customs that women they hate

According to Chilean psychologist Jacqueline Montecinos Oportus, of the Andrés Bello University , the first impression is crucial to know if the boy we like may be a future candidate for boyfriend, or, otherwise, close the doors of our hearts and run.


What are the 14 types of men we do not like?

According to the expert, the types of men of whom all woman prefer to escape, they are:

1. Egocentric

He who during a conversation only talks about himself; of your achievements, assets and attributes. The typical "me, me, me, me ..."

2. Liars

It does not take much explanation, but this type of men is characterized by inventing stories or denying part of their lives to conquer a girl. These men are not able to assume that they are playing with the person and always have the perfect excuse for everything.

3. Drivers

They believe themselves superior to others and believe they are right in everything, all the time. This feature not only bores but also sounds many alarms.

4. Machistas

Men who think that women are objects to be exhibited and to be at home. This type of men uses women and forces them to be submissive and subservient. Something that completely collides with independent girls and with character, says the psychologist.

5. Jealous

Those who do not let the woman be spontaneous; they prohibit doing certain things and often restrict it by jealousy. Such behaviors are a bad sign that will increase over time.

6. Hermetic

Watch out! It's about men who never talk about their feelings. They lock their emotions to the point of being cold and calculating.

7. Dirty

They are men who go through life with dirty clothes, torn, disheveled and unaware of the aromas of a good deodorant. While the extremes are not very good, excessive disregard for the image is not pleasant for women. If your hygiene is doubtful in such visible areas, you will not want to imagine how it will be in other more hidden.

8. Cowards

He is the kind of man who hides when problems arise and is unable to take responsibility for his actions.

9. Loose

They are those who do not do anything with their life or their time. They usually do not like to work or, if they do not have pray for not finding it. Every day they live complaining about their bad luck, and they think that they will get help and compassion.

10. Superb

There are many men who say that nothing and nobody is within their reach. That he does not care about the rest and he only cares.

11. With mamitis

Many men look for a mom, instead of a couple. But there are some who seek to create conflicts between their partner and their mother with absurd and meaningless comparisons. This type of men simply have to be told, bye!

12. Womanguards

Such a man will never be reliable, because he will take advantage of any opportunity to have an adventure. Danger danger! Also, a man who brags about his sexual abilities is not to be trusted.

13. Mellow

He is the typical one that hardly knows the woman and already it says "precious", "babe" or any other kitsch. Such a show of starchy affection can not arise from a first date. A person who at the minute calls you that is an anti-libido weapon that must be deactivated.

14. Arrogant

They are those who only seek to impress you but with the sole intention of showing off what they do. In general, this type of people do not have to believe everything they say and it is better to get away from them.

The list could be longer, but we believe that with women Stay away from these 14 men is more than enough. Or would they add someone else to the list?

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