First, tell us where you are from

All love relationships they are different, some of them make you very happy, others are moments passengers that leave pleasing memories and others can be frustrating and worthy to erase from your memory. The constant, is that we do not give up and we continue to deal with what complicated of the loving relationships.

We humans are very complexes - sometimes masochistic, it seems - and therefore the contradictory, unpredictable and complex is always present in relationships (more in which the heart commands).

The illustrator Flavia Álvarez-Pedrosa Pruvost, aka Flavita Banana, knows all of the above very well. For her, all kinds of feeling that can have two people is a candidate to become something humorous. For that reason, it transfers diverse scenes of this type to cartoons "in part cynical, crude or tragi-comic".

We talk with Flavita to tell us a little more about his work:


First, tell us where you are from

My full name is somewhat complex: Flavia Álvarez-Pedrosa Pruvost. There you have clues about my origin. Like most Europeans: I am from many places. My father's family is from León and northern Spain, the maternal family is French and something Belgian. I was born in Oviedo, I grew up in Catalonia, but I consider myself Barcelona.


Why the nickname?

A friend called me that and It sounded good. Obviously, I was not going to use my kilometric name so I preferred to use an alias and keep some anonymity.

What are the themes when it comes to illustrate?

You can see it by looking at four or five cartoons, whatever they are: human relations (romantic or not). Any kind of feeling that two people may be having is a candidate to become humor.

The above, in fact, is a whole therapy. I am someone who considers that all sadness or extreme joy can relativize with the right dose of humor. I apply it in my personal life, and I see that turning it into a vignette also makes other people laugh. In many cases, they have let me know ... even help them!


What led you to portray love relationships?

I guess I started talking about my own life, but at this point the scenes that I portray do not always correspond to me. It is true, any boy who goes through my life will have something to do with one or several cartoons, never as a center of them, but as someone who triggers ideas

A lot of the time I listen to the Love's stories of my acquaintances. The human being is so complex, contradictory and unpredictable I think I will have a great theme for many more years.


How have people reacted in social networks?

That is the part that still surprises me, there are many people who like it. I consider that the style It's very specific and I always thought that would limit the public, to people similar to me. It seems that there are quite a few people who think like me!

I have never considered lightening the issues to get more audience . I demand a lot so that all the vignettes remain partly cynical, raw or tragicomic . The soft and friendly seems mediocre and easy.

Currently, what project are you in?

I am concluding the book that will be released in February with the Lumen publishing house, which contains many vignettes that have not seen the light. Then, in the head, I have cooking a couple of projects that I intend to publish in a Independent (without large intermediaries). It's going to be organized!

If you want to keep laughing (or crying because MEMORIES) with Flavita's work check your Facebook or Instagram.

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