Ana Brenda

Love is an emotion that reconciles us with life, it makes us feel alive and loved, but it can also become a nightmare and a reason for unhappiness when we decide to have a relationship with someone who is already committed or married.

According to Kristen Houghton, psychologist and author of the book Grave MisgivingsWhen a woman accepts the role of lover, in 95% of the cases she is betting on a relationship of loss, sadness and frustration. In addition, he adds, only 5% of married men leave their wife.

The women who decide to be the 'other' are designated by society, but when they are public figures, the scandal is even greater and although they deny it, sooner or later their affaires are confirmed.

Meet the famous that are lovers of married men and what is your sentimental situation now.


Ana Brenda

She was seen in a hotel in Puerto Escondido (Oaxaca) with the actor Iván Sánchez 'El Gallego' who was married. Currently he is separated from his wife and they plan on getting married by the end of the year.

Video Medicine: Ana Brenda Contreras confirma la razón de su separación con Iván Sánchez | ¡HOLA! TV (December 2023).