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It is always nice to do a good deed for others, as a simple act that generates a smile. But in addition to that and to motivate you, you have to know that there are great benefits of being friendly for the Health .

According to a study by the researchers of the University of British Columbia , doing good things for people generates a significant increase in Positive moods of those who implement them.


You may also be interested: Does happiness not last forever?


More than a courtesy

This may be obvious, because a grateful smile elevates your mood . But there are other benefits to be friendly it returns to you as a form of "reward" in your Health . We present you some, so that they motivate you.

1. You are happier Begoña García Larrauri , professor of the department of Psychology of the University of Valladolid , explains that the real amiability It is related to respect for the other, so that whoever is kind remains free of prejudices, expectations and beliefs towards people. In summary, it is more happy .

2. Take care of your heart David R. Hamilton , psychologist and author of "How your mind can heal your body" , explains that acts of kindness liberate Nitric oxide , which dilates the blood vessels reducing the blood pressure , this protects heart Of Damage.

3. Longevity. When you perform acts of amiability , especially from a very young age, you acquire added positive impacts, both in your self-realization and in the Physical Health , the depression is reduced and even mortality is delayed, indicates Stephen Post , researcher of the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine .

4. Natural energy. Alan Luks , author of "The Healing Power of Doing Good" , explains that people report a different physical sensation when they do acts of amiability . Many mention that they feel fuller Energy , calm and with better self esteem .

5. Improve your brain. Do good things generate serotonin , a neurotransmitter that gives the feeling of satisfaction and well-being. Which means that it changes the brain in ways that make you feel better, naturally, he says Lara Honos-Webb , psychologist author of "Listening to Depression" .

Carry out acts disinterested by the people around you, in addition to giving you the benefits of being friendly for the Health , helps social interaction and relationships improve, a topic that we need to sharpen. Do not you think?

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