Skinny with tummy?

After eating some food that contains lactose or fructose , about 6 hours later the symptoms begin to appear irritable bowel , which usually one of the main causes of an inflamed belly.

As the years pass and one acquires the middle age, the intestines lose the ability to digest two types of food: those that have lactose and those who are rich in fructose , as explained in the following video:

Food goes through the 10 meters of the intestine during the 24-48 hours that digestion lasts. Therefore, the symptoms of inflammation that appear the day after are produced by foods that are consumed previously. That makes determining what the culprits are difficult.

There are few carbohydrates that do not have fructose . The best ones are oats, potatoes (sweet potato if it has fructose) and rice (quinoa if it has fructose).

Table sugar has a lot of fructose. In contrast, meats, nuts, eggs do not have.

The vegetables without fructose They are spinach and mushrooms. Those who do have a little fructose are beans or beans, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, green peppers, lettuce, pumpkin, watercress and zucchini.

All fruits have fructose but the worst are the bananas and the pear. In contrast, avocado and coconut have less.

On the other hand, not only dairy products they contain milk . The lactose It is a surprising ingredient in various foods such as bread, cookies, sweets, chocolates, cakes, cereals and even some medicines.

Among the foods with the highest content of fructose I lactose You can count:

1. Bread: 2 gr lactose, 2 gr fructose

2. Corn: 2 gr lactose, 10 gr fructose
3. Cookies: 3 gr lactose, 8 gr fructose
4. Milk: 12 gr lactose, 0 gr fructose
5. Chocolate: 3 gr lactose, 6 gr fructose
6. Honey and Agave: 0 gr lactose, 60 gr fructose
7. Soft drinks: 0 gr lactose, 20 gr fructose
8. Fruits: 0 gr lactose, 30 gr fructose
9. Fruit juice: 0 gr lactose, 40 gr fructose
10. Gatorade: 0 gr lactose, 20 gr fructose

A solution to the problem of lactose intolerance and for him irritable bowel syndrome , are the supplements with the enzyme to digest milk Lactase, which should be consumed before a meal with lactose or a lower dose in the food.

Another alternative is to prepare your own delayed milk , you should only add 3 pills of this enzyme to a container with milk and let them act for 12 hours, after which you can drink it without causing inflammation of the belly.

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