Strengthen your memory!

Have you heard the popular phrase: the curiosity killed the cat? It's time for you to forget about her and take advantage of how curiosity changes your brain in a positive way.


According to a study of the University of California If you are curious about something it is easier for you to learn everything related to that particular topic.

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Strengthen your memory!

In the research published in the journal Neuron It specifies the way in which the brain is activated with creativity and the positive effects it has on the memory of people.

1. Better learning . A high level of curiosity it influences the retention capacity of a specific topic.

2. Increase motivation . When curiosity is stimulated, there is more activity in the brain circuit related to reward. This reward circuit depends on dopamine, a chemical messenger that transmits messages between neurons.

3. Strengthens memory . With the curiosity there is greater activity in the hippocampus, a region of the brain that is important for the formation of new memories, as well as an increase in the interactions between the hippocampus and the reward circuit.

These findings may be useful for patients with neurological diseases, since they will stimulate learning and memory naturally.

So if you want to improve your memory and move mental illness away from your life, you just have to find a stimulus or some topic that interests you and increase your curiosity for learning more. And you, how creative are you?

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