Spirituality detonates anxiety

People who have spiritual beliefs, although not necessarily linked to a religion, have 50% more risk of presenting anxiety disorder, among other mental problems, according to researchers from University College London .

Michel King, director of the study published in the British Journal, explains that spiritual people, unlike atheists, agnostics or religious, are more likely to suffer anxiety disorder, phobias and neurosis, eating disorders and problems of drug , according to the newspaper telegraph.co.uk

The study is based on a survey of 7,403 men and women randomly selected in England, who were questioned about their spiritual and religious beliefs, as well as their mental state.

Of the participants, 35% described themselves as "religious", that is, they attend a church, mosque, synagogue or temple. Five out of six of this group were Christians.
About 46% described themselves as neither religious nor spiritual, while the remaining 19% said they had spiritual beliefs, but did not adhere to a particular religion.

The members of the latter group were 77% more likely than others to be dependent on drugs, 72% more likely to suffer from a phobia, and 50% more likely to have a anxiety disorder generalized

They were also 40% more likely to be receiving treatment with psychotropic drugs, and at 37% higher risk of neurotic disorder .

Researchers still do not have the certainty of the causes that cause greater risks in spiritual people to compromise their mental health, with conditions such as anxiety disorder .

However, according to the BBC, these could be because people with spiritual beliefs, but not religious beliefs, are less exposed to mental challenges. In addition, this study seems to reveal a clear relationship between religious belief and happiness, which could be a determining factor.

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