Peyton Manning receives stem cell treatment

After three surgeries due to a neck injury, the field marshal of the Indianapolis Foals , Peyton Manning , traveled to Europe to receive a stem cell treatment that is not approved in the United States.

In accordance with Fox Sport , therapy includes injections of fat cells of the player's body in his neck .

According to information published on CNN, receiving experimental treatments with stem cells puts researchers in an awkward position because therapies They are not regulated and are not confirmed to work, although the medical community believes they have potential.

The doctor Joshua Hare , director of Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute of the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami He assured that there are also therapies of mother cells available for Heart problems Yneurological conditions , even for autism . Germany, Panama and Thailand are popular countries to look for this type of treatment .

The basic idea is that these cells have a great regenerative potential, and can even form new tissues . The mother cells mesenchymal (found in parts such as umbilical cord and the bone marrow ) can be converted into a variety of types of cells , which include bone and to the cartilage cells .

About, Mayana Zatzla , molecular biologist of theNational Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), informed that themother cells mesenchymal are key to the treatment of variousdiseases, and they can be extracted from the dental pulp of children, Fallopian tube , the umbilical cord or fat deposits .

The biologist pointed out the need to determine the characteristics of each, according to its source of extraction, to know its potential to treat human diseases, which will determine the path that medicine will follow in the immediate future.

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