Outbreak of infection by E. coli bacteria in Germany

The number of cases reported by the disease control center of Germany , has confirmed 365 infected patients with the bacterium E.coli , which has already killed 16 people in the last 24 hours, and about 100 more are suffering from the symptoms.

"Hundreds of tests have been done to find the responsible agents ... it has been determined that the majority of sick patients consumed cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce from the north of Germany "said the German Minister of Agriculture and Consumer Defense, Ilse Aigner .

The German government struggles to find the source of the outbreak, and rules out the possibility that the infection come from Spanish cucumbers. However, they have told the population to avoid consuming these products.

It is reported that a quarter of the new cases detected involve hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), an infection that affects the blood and kidneys , and that is potentially deadly.

The bacterium E. Coli is found in large quantities within the human digestive system , and other mammals, and it is not the first time it causes an outbreak of infection. However, it rarely produces death.

This know of the bacterium has worried the experts, due to the number of emergent cases and the severity of the symptoms that it produces.

Source: El País and Associated Press.

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