Manipulate pleasure

The center of our pleasure it's in the brain. When we read a book, enjoy our favorite food or hug our pet, a series of neurons , nuclei and substances known as "motivation and reward system".

Theneurons who are in this pleasure center free dopamine , endorphins Y endocannabinoids , substances responsible for generating pleasurable sensations and have an effect similar to that of morphine and marijuana.

At Canabinoides Laboratory , of the Department of Physiology of the Faculty of Medicine of the UNAM , the Dr. Óscar Prospéro García and his team have observed that the nuclei whoseneurons release cannabinoids significantly modulate the sensation of pleasure.


Manipulate pleasure

When experimenting with rats they discovered that if they artificially administer these substances, their eating behavior changes and they ingest more food, "Because they have that extra pleasant feeling that we generate for them."

If the mechanisms of pleasure can be manipulated to induce the feeling of reward, it will also facilitate the treatment of patients with depression or terminals helping them to improve their moods.

However, these pleasurable sensations in the human being not only have a biological basis, but also influences the environment and some other reinforcers. The doctor Propéro points out that individuals whose system of motivation and reward It responds little, probably they were not born with that fault, but they grew up in an adverse environment that generated the alterations.

To improve your emotive health we recommend you laugh with your friends, be supportive, express your feelings, have clear objectives, learn all situations, do exercise and enjoy the pleasure what generates you to do what you like most.