Learn to live fully!

Boredom, lack of spirit and laziness, are emotional states that can indicate that it is time to say goodbye to your comfort zone, and to set your life and your brain in motion.

According to neurologist Carlos Tejero , and published by the EFEsalud Agency, The human brain is like a computer with multiple applications, but if the same neural circuits are always used to develop physical and mental activities, it falls into a rut that can atrophy it and, therefore, diminish its capabilities.

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Learn to live fully!

Either to avoid suffering or for fear of experiencing negative emotions, many people live in a bubble, in a comfort zone.

In this you can keep in control much of the situations that are experienced, so it allows you to feel safety and welfare; but for the Patricia Ramírez, sports psychologist, it is a limiting place in which it is difficult to evolve and take a step forward for personal and professional growth.

If you want to leave your comfort zone we present the following video, with the collaboration of the psychologist Pavel, from the Urban Manual of GetQoralHealth, that will offer you 3 tips to get it. Get them!

The only way to achieve improvement and growth is through leaving the comfort zone. Face your fears, dare to be brave. There is a big difference in the idea of ​​"where are you" and "where do you have to be". Remember, changes are necessary and an inevitable part of life.

Video Medicine: Live Life to the fullest | Nick Martin | TEDxFHKufstein (July 2024).