Visual impairment will not be a risk factor when driving

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) , more than 285 million people suffer from some type of visual disability in the world, like the glaucoma , waterfall and the macular degeneration related to age .

Among these, 65% are 50 years old or older and, taking into account the rate of aging of the population, it is expected that the number of visually impaired will increase in the short term.

With the passage of time, both the quality of distinguishing the small details and that of seeing in the dark deteriorate. This means that many motorists have difficulty reading the dashboard while driving.

Therefore, the automobile company Ford , in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, develop a simulator ofvisual disability and auditory to improve the design of their vehicles .

This simulator will allow you to choose from a wide range of visual diseases and see an image through the eyes of a person who suffers. Subsequently, you can change the design and colors of the instruments of the car to check how it would affect the view of the driver.

The optimization of new designs of the instrument screens would benefit, for example, the colorblind : if the control panels of the vehicle they will be designed in red, green and with low contrast tones, the affected people would have difficulties to visualize them.

However, this is not the only invention of the brand to put on the skin of the others at the time of driving. Since 1994, the engineers of the American brand have used a "suit for the elderly" that helps them to better understand what the elderly feel when they drive and their problems.

So, this suit limits the mobility and reduces the touch as well as include some glasses that simulate waterfalls ocular So these systems allow to design the cars to be used by any user, regardless of whether it suffers small eye conditions or not.

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