10 thoughts that generate anxiety:

There are common factors that you irritate if you suffer from anxiety. Noise, traffic, excess light and stress , cause the lack of control inside you to begin. Now, did you know that there are recurring thoughts that detonate your anxiety and they can lead you to exceed the limits of patience.

Recently the Spanish Society for the Study of Anxiety and Stress reported that Disorder by Anxiety Generalized (TAG ), is distinguished by factors repetitive that generate anxiety, such asanguish and the fear that does not let think clearly).

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10 thoughts that generate anxiety:

1. Thoughtsnegative and persistent

2. Distorted of reality about itself, the environment and the future: "I feel distressed

3. Behaviors of evasion and escape

4. Decay and reluctance

5. High activity physiological

6. Lost progressive of reinforcing activities

7. Decrease in pleasure and the ability to enjoy

8. Fatigue

9. Dolores muscular

10. Depression most of the time


The worst is yet to come?

For a person with anxiety , the worst possible scenario is the future, whether immediate or distant, and with that justify the thought chaotic .

Currently, the theories and cognitive models that address the anxiety not only focus on the content of the mental states of the subjects (such as concern ), but also in the processes; that is, how information about the environment is interpreted and what are the bias cognitive that occur when you suffer anxiety.


What happens if you feel fear?

When people are not ready for something, the fear It acts in decision-making, which makes it difficult for us to respond appropriately to the circumstances.

A patient with anxiety questions, all the time, the worst of the scenarios possible to face a certain situation, turn this thought around the crisis detonates in seconds.

Ideally, even though these moods can not be control instantly, we begin to identify them to have a better handle on our emotions, although it costs us work. Of course, the specialist's view is fundamental.


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