IPN tortilla vs overweight

Do you sacrifice food like tortilla so as not to go up weight ? It's time for you to forget to eat with guilt, students of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) created a corn tortilla enriched with birdseed and amaranth, ideal to combat overweight .

Discover the secret!

Luis Miguel Hernández Alvarado, Sergio Meneses Madrid, Tania López León, Raisa Lozano Medina and Bruno Saldivar Oviedo, CECyT-6 students , claim that canary seed contains lipase, an enzyme responsible for eliminating fats in excess, so that by ingesting this "Nutritious Tortilla" the levels of cholesterol .

Other benefits of this seed are the contribution of muscle tone and the elimination of toxins, thanks to its high content of proteins with stable amino acids.

In addition, it contains natural fibers and enzymes that facilitate the digestive process, deflate internal organs such as liver, kidneys and pancreas; as well as prevent the overweight by eliminating body fat.

Meanwhile, the amaranth contains 16 percent of protein (greater than that of traditional cereals), minerals, vitamin A and C, B complex, as well as a high percentage of calcium, niacin, iron, phosphorus and lysine.

When these products are combined with corn, a nutritious food is created that contributes to satiety, as in the case of the "Nutritious Tortilla", which is available in natural flavor and slightly enchilada. The IPN contributes to improving the quality of life and avoiding overweight with some products. Know them!

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