Iodine improves brain development

The iodo It is a chemical element, discovered in 1811 by a scientist named Bernard Courtois. However, it was Gay-Lussac who gave him the Greek name iodés which means "the violet", because he observed that when heated, it gave off violet vapors.

This element is a nutriment indispensable for the human being, because it allows the thyroid gland to produce the hormones thyroxine and tryodotironin, which are necessary for the elaboration of diverse functions of the organism, essential for the growth and development of the brain , among others tissues .

Once the iodo , it is quickly absorbed by the intestine. The requirements are approximately 100-150 mg / day; Although this varies with age, pregnancy and the lactation .

Below is a table with recommendations for daily intake of iodo according to age and physiological conditions.



0-6 months

40 mg of iodine / day

6-12 months

50 mg of iodine / day

1-10 years

70-120 mg of iodine / day

11 years and older and adults

120-150 mg of iodine / day

During pregnancy

175 mg of iodine / day

During breastfeeding

200 mg of iodine / day

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