Both are the most common and popular analgesics not only in Mexico, but in the world and prescribed for pain and fever.

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It is indicated to relieve fever and pain, but is characterized by being a powerful anti-inflammatory, (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).


  • Reduces pain, inflammation and fever with a single medication.
  • Quickly deflates if there are injuries and muscle pain.
  • The effect from taking ibuprofen is faster than with paracetamol, with an effectiveness of up to six hours.



  • Ibuprofen is fast but can cause upset stomach.
  • In prolonged periods of intake, can cause discomfort by acidic chemicals, which affect if you have gastric ulcer.
  • If it is not taken together with food, it can irritate the stomach and if you use it frequently, the ability of the blood to clot is reduced.

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