You love him more ...

They are the first affects we experience in our life: maternal and paternal. And during the first years of childhood will be the sweetie that will lay the foundation for our relationships in adulthood. However, is your affection the same for all children? unconditional love Are there preferences?

Beyond the myths, jealousy and envy, yes the favorite son exists. According to the professor of personality psychology, Victoria del Barrio, points out that there is a son who has more attention or admiration from the parents. And this is evidenced in the opinion of the brothers, which usually coincide with what they consider the "consentido de papa".


You love him more ...

However, who is the favorite? A study conducted by Catherine Conger, professor of Human and Community Development at the University of California at Davis, discovered that 65% of mothers and 70% of parents exhibited a clear preference for one of their children, especially for the firstborn.

For Jeffrey Kluger, author of the "Fraternal Effect" shows that this preference is due to an evolutionary issue, since the family it has no other objective than to make the species last in the following generations. Therefore, the narcissistic act of reproducing drives parents in favor of the eldest son, the healthiest and the one who will have the most reproductive success.

Another reason for this favoritism can be found in the desire to see expectations fulfilled through one of the children; for that reason it feels greater inclination towards the sex of one of the children.

However, most of the parents try to give all your children all the possibilities and opportunities of growths that are in your hands. Because, despite these physical and psychological issues, the love of parents is usually unconditional.

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