Give him a candy or chewing gum

Surely it has happened to you that you are about to kiss your partner and distinguish a bad smell that comes from his mouth, however, you do not dare to tell him.

In case you do not know what to do if your partner smells his mouth , it will be better to analyze the advice we have prepared, especially because bad breath sometimes does not depend on their hygiene, but on bacteria related to halitosis.

A study conducted by dental researchers of the Harvard University School of Medicine It indicates that most people have about 700 bacteria that live in the mouth.

The research focused on the possibility of separating the bacteria that cause bad breath, and thus only maintain those that are good for oral health.

In case the bad breath is persistent, take into account these recommendations so that your partner's mouth no longer has a bad smell:


Give him a candy or chewing gum

It's a kind way to insinuate that your breath is bothering you, with this you'll get it refreshed and think about if it smells bad.

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