Mental capacity improves with Brain up

Researchers from the University of Zaragoza developed a device , called Brain Up , which modifies brain rhythms in order to improve capacities such as memory , the concentration wave verbal fluency .

The device It is based on an advanced neurological technology that allows you to make an emental training cash. For this, with Brain up it is possible to modify the brain rhythms that mediate in cognitive processes , says María López, director of Bit brain.

In GetQoralHealth we present a video in which the director of this project explains its operation:

Until now, this device It has only been proven in healthy people, in which it was determined that capacities such as memory , concentration or verbal fluency , with five sessions of 30 minutes, generated an improvement cognitive between 20 and 40%, according to the comments made by the specialist to EFE.

For the psychiatrist of Hospital Miguel Servet, Javier García Campayo, "the treatment antidepressant goes to the affective symptoms: low mood, sadness, etc., but there are still symptoms cognitive and we think that this is a technique that could help improve them. "

Based on this, it was determined that the next step will be to test this device in patients who suffer depression , alzheimer Y fibromyalgia .  

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