5 keys to undress a man

In sex, the goal is to reach a climax, but why hurry? The most common mistake made in privacy is not to give importance to preliminary sexual games; either due to lack of time, lack of interest or simply not knowing how to perform them, but these can be present in such an essential act: in undressing a man.

For him sexologist Juan Carlos Kusnetzoff, The previous amorous game can be found in any degree and form, and usually employs elements as simple as the tongue and mouth to achieve the partner's excitement.

However, if you are a first-timer or you do not know how to undress a man, GetQoralHealth gives you 5 tips to use your senses and make this experience something playful and exciting for your partner:

1. View Many sensations that are difficult to reach with another sense enter your body through the eyes. In addition, they have their own language: with a simple look you can provoke desire in your partner.

When you start to undress him do not lose eye contact. In addition to giving intensity to the situation will give you confidence to continue.

2. Taste The most erogenous zones of the body can be activated with the mouth. You can use some foods like strawberries or chocolate, put it in your mouth and kiss your partner. Give it a sweet taste while with the tongue you travel its body. Unbutton your shirt using your mouth, otherwise you can do it with your hands but place small kisses on your chest and shoulders.

3. Smell . When you are excited you can smell your partner more and better than usual. It is because there are some substances that the body generates when it is excited: pheromones. But do not settle for this. Use candles, incense or any other scent that you like to create a good erotic environment while you undress.

4. Ear. This sense is very susceptible and has a wide capacity to stimulate sensations. Everything has a great effect: romantic words, obscene, listening to the sighs or moans of the couple. While you remove each garment do not stop whispering things in your ear.

5. Touch The entire skin is a large erogenous zone. It is the sense that is most used to know in depth how is your partner. Undress it through an erotic massage, in addition to relaxing it you will excite it a lot. Try it!

The worst mistake that can exist in the sexual field are prejudices and fears. Free yourself and establish with your partner a bond of trust and love and pleasure.

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