Protect yourself with photosensitive lenses

Light is essential for a healthy vision because it is the only form of energy that can distinguish the human eye; However, excess or daily changes of light is the main cause of visual problems, says the doctor Rafael Bueno García, member of the Mexican Retina Association .

The specialist details that inadequate exposure to light affects the function of the cornea and crystalline, main vehicles to transform light into vision, so it is normal to experience momentary discomfort, glare and fatigue.

However, since light is essential to have a good vision, it is vital to control the amount that enters the eyes in both internal and external environments to prevent over-eye strain, as well as the development of eye problems such as:

  1. Visual fatigue
  2. Waterfall
  3. Relative macular degeneration
  4. Diabetic retinopathy
  5. Solar retinopathy
  6. Retinitis pigmentosa
  7. Irritation
  8. Eye dryness
  9. Blurry vision
  10. Momentary blindness
  11. Photokeratitis
  12. Keratitis
  13. Pterygium
  14. Pingueculas

He is also a member of Mexican Council of Ophthalmology ensures that one way to control the intensity of light, especially that of the Ultraviolet Rays, is with ophthalmological photosensitive lenses.


Protect yourself with photosensitive lenses

Meanwhile, Dr. José Luis Merino, member of the Mexican Society of Pediatric Ophthalmology , recommends the use of photosensitive lenses such as Transitions, to achieve good vision and avoid eye problems.

"When a person's eyeball has optimal visual health, he can distinguish light from a candle 22 kilometers away." Therefore, it is important to take specific care such as avoiding glare, says the surgeon.

While, Roberto Tapia, graduated in Optometry by the UNAM and coordinator of Education of Transitions , details that Transitions lenses are ideal to protect the eyes from eye problems because they adapt to different lighting conditions, reduce glare and eye fatigue.

They also protect you against exposure to UV rays and reduce the visual discomfort caused by the most common eye problems.

If you want to control the amount of light to which you are exposed with the use of photosensitive lenses, go with a specialist to guide you in the acquisition.

Also, remember to visit each year an ophthalmologist or optometrist to practice a visual exam and detect early visual problems, to have a good visual quality. And you, how do you protect your sight from external factors such as light? If you want to know more information about visual problems, click here.

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