They reveal routine of Katie Holmes

The actress Katie Holmes she likes to keep her body in shape and this year has paid off when she was named by Fitness magazine as the best-body actress. In his daily life he has included a series of exercises of spinning , that help you tone and strengthen legs Y buttocks , according to information published by The Huffington Post.

According to the spinning instructor, Audrey Adler This technique is the favorite of the actress and she even shares it with her family.

The spinning is a exercise aerobic and legs that helps tone the musculature , strengthen the heart and burncalories . It is practiced on static bicycles, in a closed place to the rhythm of music.

The intensity with which you work on the bicycle is determined and adjusted only by the instructor, because it depends on the resistance and physical condition of the people.

In the following video, Coach Audrey Adler shows three types of exercises that will help you achieve a body like Katie Holmes:

During a 40 minute session you can burn up to 500 calories , so when combined with a diet balanced you can lose weight easily. In addition, this technique is ideal for eliminating stress .

Spinning is recommended for people of all ages, because it is a exercise of low impact.

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