Figures of violence in youth

There is perverse situations , discouraging and dangerous that make girls and teenagers believe that sexual intercourse It is the only way the couple can love you, or the only way a woman is worth.

The Executive Secretary of the National Institute of Women , Marcela Eternod Arámburu , he talked exclusively to usGetQoralHealth , that in Mexico there have been cases where 8-year-old girls get pregnant and despite the fact that several factors cause this, disinformation and abuse continue to be the main causes.

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To have a full sexual life we ​​must explore sexuality with responsibility, because in Mexico there have already been cases where girls aged 8 to 9 are already pregnant, all because they fall into circles of violence "

The circle of violence most common is: seduction + violence + abuse = rape "

The doctor told us that it is regrettable that there are young people who come to the institutions thinking that the Condoms are not disposable , because there is no education in schools and parents are afraid to speak this.


There are young people who approach institutions such as Inmujeres or health centers and say they do not know that the condom is disposable and they tell us "I wash my condom"


Girls are not valuable because they are mothers and adolescents want to get out of these situations of violence "


Figures of violence in youth

According to him CONAPO, 1 in every 2 women live situations of physical, psychological and sexual violence , where abuse, exclusion and discrimination to discuss these issues at the level of children, are responsible for pregnancies in girls from the 8 or 9 years.


Unfortunately a girl between 12 and 15 years does not have the emotional or intellectual tools to know what to do in pregnancy and maternity issues "


What's up with these girls?

Between the 12 and 15 years, pregnant girls and adolescents who participated in the Inmujeres survey, They said openly to be happy about the pregnancy, some even got married at that age.

However, the specialist confirmed us that through various tests, they have certified that the reality is that these girls feel tired, sad, excluded and discriminated.


In Mexico there are millions of children abused, who think that the sexual act is the only handle in which they can receive affection, they are confused and if they are not spoken in a language that they understand is a real problem "


More figures

According to CONAPO data,77 out of every 1,000 births in Mexico are between girls of 15 to 19 years old of age, of which 23% marry the couple.

The same age range, recognized that DO NOT use contraceptive method Some have their first sexual intercourse in up to 34% of cases, which leads to the risk of pregnancy and transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).


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