Evasion of feelings?

Have you used the avoidance of feelings in a particular circumstance? For some people this is normal, because they usually hide or avoid the emotions generated by certain moments in their lives, but how do they do it?

Occasionally, staying busy at all times can represent an escape, that is, a way of escaping from the insufferable feeling of a moment of calm.

There are many ways to be absent from thought and feelings; For example, some people exercise, others drink; There are those who write or are distracted by non-enriching activities, such as watching television programs.

In all cases, even for those who prefer to sleep, the goal is the same: avoid feeling. Any distraction is good as long as you are able to achieve this goal.

The escape of feelings is the most frequent flight. Those who are subject to some vice may perhaps avoid it, but they will submit to another.

However, the underlying question is: What is causing the concern or why is the stillness so frightening? Stop a moment to think.

Living emotions, recognizing them and accepting them is a matter of courage. Few are able to sit down to recapitulate their life and assume themselves as subject of not always pleasant emotions.

Take a moment a day, a space of intimate honesty that allows you to name what you feel to increase your well-being. And you, are you able to face your emotions or do you prefer to avoid them?

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