Etiquette rules that

Believe it or not, the world fitness and the gyms have rules established and undeclared label. It suits you to follow them to take advantage of your training and for a better coexistence.

Itzel Herrera , spokesperson for Ellesse Mexico , he says GetQoralHealth that by following rules in the gyms the coexistence it's more fury . Also, avoid "uncomfortable" incidents, because with the exercise sweat, you are agitated or tired.

It is important not to break the following rules , although the managers of fitness center or coach do not give you the protocol of behavior .

1. Attend clean , without makeup Y without perfume . Cleaning is essential, since with the activity we perspire more and we could give off "bad" odor. For some people certain fragrances are unpleasant, so it is only recommended to use deodorant. In the case of women, the makeup could make your pores close.

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