Ergonomics at work

The physical and psychological well-being of people who spend a lot of time sitting in the office is closely related to the furniture and environment in which this activity is carried out, this being one of the foundations of the ergonomics at work .

A position sitting, considered biomechanically correct, is that which maintains the natural curvatures of the column and allows mobility to the body. It must not disturb the system respiratory or circulatory , nor produce discomfort or discomfort, according to information from the National University of Cuyo, Argentina.

The most attractive features of the furniture lie in that they seek special care of the lower back , which allows the natural preservation of curvature of the back so that it does not suffer damages or alterations, as well as reduce the stress and problems related to lack of activity.

However, the amount of padding should not be exaggerated, as there is a risk that the body will get bad. position due to the excess of comfort in him.

In the case of chairs, the curvature of the front edge must be very soft to avoid the pressure of the thigh and the bad circulation , which can later generate varicose veins .

Both in sofas and in chairs, it is important that the arms rest and that the weight falls on the base of the furniture, and not on its own back . The depth of the sofa, as well as that of the chairs, should have special consideration in the ergonomic furniture , so that the adaptation of the body to them is perfect.

The height of the ergonomic furniture It is also an aspect that is taken into account during its manufacture, as well as rest for the feet, which at all times must be supported so that the position Natural body is maintained.

In this way, the ergonomics it is one of the keys to diminish the potential risks in the health of the people who spend a lot of inactive time in the workplace. A well-designed workplace provides physical and emotional stability.

Video Medicine: Workplace Ergonomics (September 2021).