The moment arrive…

"I stay until I find something better" and "if the next one is worse?", Does it sound familiar? You're not the only one, 8 out of 10 Mexicans feel unhappy with your work , this is suggested by figures from a survey conducted by the portal

For him emotion expert Alex Kjerulf, you just need to choose to be happy:


"I want to wake up in the morning wanting to go to work, I want to speak proudly of what I do and of the people I deal with.This will not make me happy by magic, but it is the beginning," says the expert.


The moment arrive…

Do not you dare to make the decision to change jobs? Here we tell you that you must take into account to take that step.

1. There is no compatibility. According to organizational psychologist Victor Muriedas, If your values ​​do not match those of the company, it is best to say goodbye. People who work under the idea that they do something "wrong" have a 25% lower performance.

2. It bores you. When the only motivation is money.

3. They give you the work that nobody wants. For Muriedas, everyone, at some point, has to do tasks that are not entirely pleasant, but if this is a constant for you it is a warning signal.

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