Envy, how to survive it?

Within the human emotions that more conflict cause in our life and in our relationships, whether they are betrothal, friendship, family or work, envy is found.

At Dictionary of Traditional Medicine of the UNAM , envy is classified as a negative feeling which can harm others and make the person experiencing it sick.

Present to some degree in our life, learning to control it and survive it becomes basic. For this reason, GetQoralHealth offers you some clues that will help you counteract the effects of this human feeling.

1. Develop greater empathy. Try to put yourself in the place of the other.

2. Observe, objectively, the reality of what surrounds you and those around you. This will allow you to have in your group or environment the most favorable people and conditions for your development.

3. Professional development. Do not compare yourself with anyone. Remember, we are all unique and unrepeatable.

4. Collaborate In an environment, mainly at work, it is good that you try to integrate. Try to help your classmates.

5. Value your capacity. Do not underestimate yourself. We all have qualities for which we are worth a lot.

6. Do not compare yourself. Do not develop your professional and life goals based on someone else's. That is the worst mistake you can make.

Envy is part of the life of all human beings, therefore, will always be present in it. But that's not why we should let it dominate her.

The human emotions they allow us to feel and live. Just try to maintain a balance that helps you in your emotional health. Love yourself and value yourself.