Eating sweets makes you look attractive to others

What do you usually give on the first date, chocolates or flowers? Maybe you should give a box of chocolates or very sweet sweets to that person that you like so much, since according to a study, the intake of this type of food makes you look more attractive.

According to researchers from the Purdue University eating something sweet raises the level of attraction that you feel for a possible partner and the possibility of accepting an appointment with her.

The study details that people who consumed sweets felt more attracted to the other person than those who ate water or salted potatoes.

The researchers detail that this is due to how the brain systems identify the sweet taste with feelings such as love, that is, sugar helps the production of dopamine, the pleasure hormone.

So if you want to conquer the love of your life once and for all, the only thing you have to do is complement your tactic with that person's favorite sweets or rich, bitter chocolates.

Do not forget that communication and being yourself is the key to seducing someone else, so be honest from the beginning. And you, how do you conquer the person that attracts you?