What is the cause?

Whether in the morning or at night, resisting the temptation of a boiling tea or coffee can be hard to bear; however, the temperature of these can influence that you develop squamous cell esophageal cancer.

This is indicated by a study published in the magazine British Medical Journal, and International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC), part of the United Nations health agency, WHO. In this   It was discovered that those people who ingested hot tea were more than twice as likely to suffer from cancer. If they preferred it, boiling the risk multiplied by eight.


What is the cause?

To analyze a possible relationship between this consumption and the onset of the disease, the researchers evaluated, through questionnaires, the habits of drinking tea from 300 people who had suffered from esophageal cancer.

Later, they compared them with those of another 571 healthy individuals from the same region, from the Iranian province, Golestan.

For this risk to occur, you must consume more than one liter per day at a temperature above 60 degrees.

Drinking hot beverages is very common and can be the cause of a substantial number of esophageal cancers, as they damage your tissues.

Remember, all excesses are harmful to health. Always try to maintain a balanced diet.

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