can not stand your boss?

In accordance with Judith Orloff, psychiatrist and author of the book "Emotional Freedom", People in power (bosses or leaders) often have the ability to generate high levels of stress and anxiety among their subordinates, and this is due to mishandling of emotions.

The emotional states of leaders can be contagious and, in the long term, harmful to the health of the employee and the company. Therefore, the specialist and general manager of Right Management Consultant, Jaime Lladó , presents you with six tips to survive a bad boss and not die trying:

1. Think of it as a challenge. Working with a difficult boss is a real professional challenge and not everyone is capable of doing it. If you succeed, you will demonstrate your competence and commitment to the work.

2. Set the limits that you are not willing to go through. If you can not change jobs, you should adapt to the situation, but setting the limits of what you are not willing to do.

3. Show the sincere desire to follow the imposed rhythm. In the event that you work with a very hard boss, because he is extremely demanding and very difficult to follow, the first thing you should try is to try to increase your communication with him in order to discover a better way to cooperate.

4. Cooperation. If your boss is difficult because he has few skills but is a person with humane treatment, try to cooperate with him. You must be careful in wanting to prove that you are worth more than him because it can turn against you.

5. Take emotional distance. Working in a climate of hostility for forty hours a week can destroy both physically and mentally.

In accordance with García Romero and Daya H. Rolsma authors of the text "Working with the enemy." The handling of emotion is the key point in the solution of the conflict. If you take emotional distance and get to see the situation from the outside, you will be able to adapt and effectively search for solutions.

6. Go to your superior's boss. If living with your boss continues to be impossible, go to the immediate superior and explain the problem in the most objective way you can.

An unsuitable environment or a disrespectful boss can generate stress and anxiety in your working life that in the long term damage your physical and emotional health. Remember, everything has a solution The most important thing is that you feel good about yourself.

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