Burials at the forefront

The tombs or the family niches They have gone out of style. The cremations, too. In Japan graves are sold with connection to cell phones to leave condolences, for almost 10 thousand dollars and epitaphs, instead of using marble or granite, they use screens where pictures, words and videos of the deceased are projected.

Do you want something more exotic? Celestis , a Californian company in the United States, announced that they will send human remains incinerated to the Moon shortly, where people who once dreamed of traveling to the satellite, but who did not succeed in life, would undoubtedly find eternal rest.

For the amount of 9 thousand 995 dollars, Celestis commits to send a capsule with one gram of ashes, approximately 1% of the mortal remains of a human being after being incinerated. The company also has an offer for couples who want to rest forever together on the Moon and charges $ 29,985 for the shipment of 14 grams of ashes from two people.

If you are interested, these prices include the inscription of the name of the deceased on a commemorative plaque as well as the option of family members witnessing the launch of the rocket that will transport the capsules to the Moon. Celestis is also responsible for spreading 99% of the ashes in the sea near the launching area, as long as the deceased has left no other wishes in this regard.

A cybernetic burial

Japan, one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, already has graves connected by bar codes to mobile phones that offer information about the deceased, from his biography, his preferences, photographs or any other detail of his personality. In the same way, the system allows to deposit in the graves condolences of relatives and friendships and reflections on the loved one.

Ishinokoe , the manufacturer of the calls Tombs with Views , has patented the initiative of the e-tombs and trusts that, although each one costs approximately about 10,000 dollars, it will receive numerous commissions since it is a country where the cell phone has many uses.

The beginnings

For now, they have already received their first order in the city of Kofu: it is the marriage of Teruo Oba, 73, and his wife Miyoko Oba, 70, for whom the grave is no longer limited to the place where they are deposited. mortal remains, incense is burned and flowers are left once a year.

On the other hand, it is known that a funeral park was created in Catalonia, Spain where it will be allowed to spread the ashes of the deceased, attending to that last wish, in order to comply with a European norm that prohibits the dust in which we will convert. disseminate in the sea, forests or any garden.

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