Ayurvedic diet balances your diet

For the Ayurvedic medicine it is not enough that foods be of good quality: the important thing is to know balance them correctly. With this kind of diet , the food can be very healthy, but if it is combined poorly or we ingest it disproportionately it can be harmful for the Health .

The importance of the six flavors

East nutritional regimen recommends that in each food you taste the six flavors that exist in nature: sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, acid and astringent, so that different foods contribute their Benefits ours organism .

It is also recommended that you do not combine products like meat , fish , fruit Y dairy products, Because each protein It must be consumed separately for its best digestion Y metabolism .

In accordance with María Matilde Amill , medical and specialist in Ayurveda , the following would be the main functions of the six flavors:


  1. Sweet: build the tissues and calm the nerves . Found in fruits, cereals, natural sugars and milk
  2. Sour: increases the absorption of minerals . It has acid fruits, yogurt and fermented foods
  3. Salty: improves flavor and stimulates digestion . Predominates in you go out natural and seaweed
  4. Bitter: detoxifies. It's in the herbs and spices
  5. Acid: stimulates the metabolism. This flavor is contained in chili peppers, peppers, garlic, herbs and spices
  6. Astringent: absorbs the Water and dry the fats . Prevails in legumes, raw fruits and vegetables, some herbs


Followers of this type of diet suggest eating only when you have hungry , since the stomach It is put into operation when it feels said stimulus . Also, they advise avoiding food if we do not have appetite because they would cause toxins that could generate future diseases .

According to Matilde Amill, the foods that benefit us most are those that are fresh, low in fat and cooked before they are consumed.

Would you be willing to try this regime?

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