How to include it in the diet?

If you already got tired of the subsistence allowance of always, why not give a turn and be able to include fruits to lose weight as the mango . You have vitamin C and Vitamin B , which are important for the nervous system and for the correct functioning of the metabolism.

It is recommended to wash the mango In cold water to remove dust and residues by pesticides, it is advised that the skin is dried with a soft cloth. It is better to eat the mango alone, to enjoy all its flavor. It can cut into three pieces , so that it is the medium that contains the seed.

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How to include it in the diet?


  • It can be consumed alone, without additives.
  • You can make juice mango with ice
  • It can also be taken as a mango smoothie.
  • It can be prepared Mango Smoothie , using milk (light or delayed)
  • Yogurth with mango is an excellent option.
  • As a complement in salads


How often?

The specialists recommend including it in the diet of 2 to 3 times per week na, since it speeds up the metabolism and in this way you consume less amount of sugar.


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