Beyond the dream ...

Even though that him yawn is one of the functions that our body performed involuntarily and that we really enjoy, even since we are in the maternal belly , there is still no conclusive study that explains what motivates a yawn. However, there are some clues that tell us what happens in the body when we yawn.

What we know for sure is that the yawn is contagious and that mammals and reptiles do the same. Some reasons have been proposed such as fatigue or lack of oxygen However, the doubt has not been resolved. For the moment we tell you some reactions that occur in our body when we yawn.


Beyond the dream ...

1. Decrease your body temperature. A study led by Adrew Gallup at Princeton University assures that at yawn , expand and contract the walls of the maxillary sinus (cheekbones), which pump air to cool your brain , it is because of that we yawn both in hot times.

The Gallup study published in the journal Medical Hypotheses notes that what happens in your body when yawning is that the body temperature decreases for a small period of time.

2. Sign of emotional bond and empathy. Another study from the Museum of Natural History in Pisa, Italy, points out that yawns occur by empathy . With those people with whom we have strong links emotional we can unleash a chain of yawns , although this can arise even when we are reading about it, watching a video or a photograph with people yawning.

3. Yawning relaxes us . Some experts think that the yawn acts as a mechanism of relaxation natural. It is common to yawn after a stressful situation and it is the preamble of the dream . The yawn is not always linked to boredom or lack of Attention .

4. It helps you oxygenate . When we have tiredness or extreme relaxation we breathe with less intensity, which causes a minor exchange of oxygen or an excess of carbon dioxide in our body, yawning helps us take a deep breath and compensate for the lack of oxygen .

5. Increase your blood pressure. After a yawn, the artery pressure l and the heart rate more than 25%

6. It is an intense expenditure of energy . Many parts of your body they come into action when you yawn and your muscles They react intensely, first, your mouth opens and the jaw drops and allows a huge amount of air to enter your lungs, the abdominal muscles flex, and the diaphragm is pushed down.

7. Yawn because of health problems. We know that the yawn It is natural, but if you yawn excessively, to the degree of generating discomfort and above all when you have rested enough, your body could be sending you some signs about your health such as: lack of red blood cells or lung capacity deficient.

These are 7 things that occur when we yawn and some normal causes, but if you suspect that your health is not quite right and that yawning excessively is not just about cooling your brain or relaxing, consult your doctor.

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