Appearance vs. knowledge?

Excited and, why not? Hopefully you open your mail in search of the time and day of the long-awaited job interview. However, the disappointment comes quickly, your mailbox is empty. How bad is your CV? Although you have not thought about it, the error is in the neckline you use in your photo.

Yes, as you read it, if you wear a blouse with a low cut (without exaggerating) in your curriculum you drastically raise the chances that it will be selected; You have 19 times more chances of success than when using a high-necked learn, according to the University of Bristol .

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Appearance vs. knowledge?

There is still more, because this study that counted with the participation of 200 women also revealed that this characteristic does not depend on the profession; that is to say, if the request was for a position of doctor or edecán the neckline is a factor that influences in the election of the recruiters.

But this has a positive aspect, because a look at the neckline has a cause that goes beyond the sexual. For Amy Slater , leader of the research, using a garment like that in the photo of the CV allows the selected ones to know if the applicant suffers from a nutritional problem or if she has good health.

Before you get offended you should know that research is still under development, and that there are more factors in the search for work than appearance.


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