Pupils reflect attention span

Magazine Association for Psychological Science published a study that suggests that pupil It dilates and changes in size when a person is paying attention.

US scientists explained that the pupil It reacts not only to the effects of light, but also to psychological stimuli. When a person observes something that catches their attention, the pupil . This is explained by the premise that the expansion of the information field benefits the visual exploration.

The Pupilometry , is the measurement system of the dilatation of the pupil that determines what diameter it reaches before various stimuli. This new tool has been used in the Social psychology Y clinical psychology .

In the next video the Dr. Luis Alanís explains how the pupil before different stimuli:

The pupil it is activated to capture more details of what interests us, such as shape, color, size, distance, etc .; therefore the pupils dilate when the person that attracts us is nearby.

The pupilometry It is also useful for the study of babies, since they can not talk and say what happens to them or what catches their attention. Baby development psychologists have used this method to obtain this information without having to use the language .

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