So it acts:

You have surely seen that it is one of the drugs most requested in case of medical emergencies , but do you know its effect?

The also called epinephrine , is a hormone and neurotransmitter , produced by the glands that are on top of the kidneys (adrenal glands) of natural way .

The organism the produces to a greater extent in situations of stress, threat, excitement, fear and nervousness , as a defense mechanism.

However, in cases of clinical emergency, it can also be administered in your injectable synthetic version , intramuscularly or subcutaneously.


So it acts:

Reactivates the breathing for one better oxygenation of the blood , favors the visibility (dilates the pupils), stimulates the production of dopamine , to raise mental well-being, increases the heart rate Y blood pressure .

In case of allergic reaction , it contracts the blood vessels and relaxes the muscles of the respiratory tract. In addition, it raises the levels of glucose in the blood to have greater energy .


Side effects

- Sweating

- Dizziness

- Severe headache

- Threw up

- Acceleration of the heart rate

- Skin irritation

- Fatigue

- Paleness

Its administration requires strict medical control.


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