Tell me how you look and I'll tell you how professional you are ...

It is said that the "first impression" It is unforgettable, and with it the opinion that is created. Situation that can be harmful if it is taken into account that in a job interview It only takes a few minutes.

A simple "hello" (a second) is enough to draw conclusions about the type of personality of the person being known, this is suggested by an investigation of the University of Glasgow in Scotland and Princeton in the United States.


Tell me how you look and I'll tell you how professional you are ...

Beyond an interview, keep a professional image adequate is necessary for a better coexistence with colleagues and to look for new job opportunities. Therefore, the consultant in public image Álvaro Gordoa gives you some advice what to use and not at work.


Beware of color!

For the image expert, Mabel Ghirardi, the color can reveal much of your feeling and personality, that's why it offers you the meaning of the most used colors in the office.

1. Navy blue. It denotes order and professionalism. Very useful for presentations and important appointments.

2. Red. It is a provocative color. It is more for personal appointments. At work you can communicate aggressiveness.

3. Rosa. The person who uses it looks accessible and gentle. Express fragility so it is not convenient to use it if you want to communicate authority.

4. Black Of note authority and even severity. Cut it with more cheerful colors. It gives an unattainable image.

Regarding clothing materials, they should project value and comfort. It is good that they can be used in several seasons of the year. Remember that appearance is important, but it is not everything!

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