7 tips to deal with pubic acne

Many people think that acne in the puberty It is not a cause for concern, but some young people who go through this stage disagree, as they can have a negative effect on their self esteem , which makes this period more complicated than it already is for them.

Acne can be controlled during the puberty If you know what to do. If you notice that your child begins to show signs of this condition, a possible explanation is that there has been a change in the diet. The consumption of fatty foods or that contain chocolate can aggravate this problem. Although most experts disagree with this myth of acne.

It is important that your child always maintain his clean face . There are many products on the market that you can use to prevent acne from becoming a problem.

Sometimes, puberty and stress can combine to make acne worse. Together look for the causes of stress and try to help reduce or eliminate it. Acne can cause tension and then you can get involved in a vicious circle .

That's why we give you these practical tips that will help you as a father and your child cope with the ravages of puberty acne:


  • Tip # 1: Take the condition seriously. Acne outbreaks may not seem like a big deal to you, but it can be a terrible experience for a boy during puberty
  • Tip # 2: Recommend a gentle cleansing regime for the skin instead of abrasive cleaners. A gentle cleanser that can be used twice a day is all that is needed
  • Tip # 3: Ask your doctor or dermatologist to advise you on the best suitable treatment. A health professional will be able to prescribe a cleaning and medication program (if necessary)
  • Tip # 4: Squeezing the grains is a terrible idea, because it leaves terrible marks on the skin. This practice only makes things worse and makes the scars last longer
  • Tip # 5: Try to buy skin care products that do not cause blemishes and imperfections in your child's face. Products labeled as "non-comedogenic" means that it does not contain oils that cover the pores
  • Tip # 6: Try to use different types of razors; Sometimes, an electric is the best option, but try different to know which is the best for your son
  • Tip # 7: If acne is severe, your child may need a dermatologist to prescribe a medication during puberty. Sometimes medicine is needed to reduce the effects of acne

Children during the puberty they need a lot support for Y understanding . Learning the best way to combat an acne condition will help your child to cope with all the other changes he is going through.