6 tips to protect yourself from volcanic ash

The frequent exhalations that are being carried out by the Popocatepetl volcano , asks us to be alert, at any time, receive ash of this giant in the eastern part of the State of Mexico. Do you know what to do in case this happens?

According to data from the website of Civil Protection of the Federal District (www.proteccioncivil.df.gob.mx), Mexico City does not run the risk of being affected by a possible eruption , given the distance at which the volcano and natural obstacles.

What should be taken into account is the direction of the wind, since this could throw ash in the Federal District and the metropolitan area. According to the Cenapred, due to the growing volcanic activity , there is a remote probability that ashes Arrive at Tlahuác, Milpa Alta and maybe Iztapalapa.


What to do if ash falls?

The recommendations made by Civil Protection are:

1. Protect eyes, nose and mouth , if we need to go out in the open, to avoid throat irritation Y respiratory tract .

2. Avoid doing exercise . In case of entry of a foreign body into the eyes, it can be presented from conjunctivitis until severe abrasions in the cornea .

3. Close doors and windows and seal with wet rags the slits and the vents, to limit the entrance of the powder to houses and buildings.

4. Shake the ash with dusters so that the surfaces are not scratched. Be careful with people with chronic respiratory diseases As the asthma and the allergic rhinitis .

5. Cover tinacos and other deposits so that they do not get dirty. The ingestion of contaminated water with fluorine and metals such as aluminum, copper and arsenic can cause gastrointestinal diseases or poisoning .

6. Try to circulate the least amount of cars possible.

In case of fall of ash , it is extremely important to remove it continuously, to avoid that they accumulate in light ceilings, (asbestos sheet, cardboard, plywood, canvas and other similar) because they can cause them to collapse due to excess weight, as happens with hail.

If the ash It gets wet, it would increase in weight as if it were a cement slab, so we should not try to remove it with water. As data: 1 centimeter thickness of ash dry, in a square meter, weighs up to 20 kilograms. If you want to know this and other notes, visit http://www.excelsior.com.mx

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