This happens when you consume chocolate and cola

The cola is very refreshing and preferred by many people. However drink cola before bedtime It has effects on the body.

Consume chocolate and cola It affects your health.

Approximately 20 minutes after having drunk cola before going to sleep, there is a rise in insulin quite considerable in the body.

This happens because of the amount of sugar in the drink.

You can also see: Depression reduces with caffeine.

Another effect that causes this is to alter the Central Nervous System . Cola cola contains caffeine.

The caffeine It produces an inhibition in receptors of the Nervous System and is what keeps you awake.

Chocolate produces an effect similar to that of cocaine.

According to studies carried out by the Harvard University , chocolate causes insomnia and trouble falling asleep.

If cola is mixed with chocolate, excitement occurs in the brain.

Eating chocolate with cola is risky, sugar levels rise.

It produces tachycardia due to excess caffeine as well as affecting the intestine due to the series of chemicals that the soft drink contains.

For this reason consume chocolate and cola it's bad for your health.

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