5 tips to learn pole dance

The pole dance it's one of the routines fitness most innovative to sculpt your body. It helps to strengthen muscles of legs and arms, also, it helps you lose weight since in each session you burn up to 600 calories . GetQoralHealth presents below the basic movements for beginners of pole dance .

Step 1: Stand on the right side of the tube, take it hard and with the left leg take a step back. The specialists recommend doing the dance with shoes because it is easier to make the turns.

Step 2 : With the face towards the tube, take a lateral step while you embrace it with your legs.

Step 3: Open your left hand with a "stop" sign. Hold the tube with the other hand, move sensually to the rhythm of the music.

Step 4: Turn the other side of the tube with the right leg. Finish the turn with your back towards the tube. Valentina Garibay instructor of Pole Dance of Gravity Fitness , recommends the following turns to make transitions between each step:

Step 5: Approach the tube and put the arm over the head. Raise your arm and hold the tube as high as you can. Take a step out with the right leg and repeat the movement.

With these simple steps you can start in the art of pole dance . To be an expert and enjoy its benefits practice daily. Remember that perseverance is the key to success. Good luck!

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Video Medicine: Learning to Pole Dance In 30 Days | Glamour (June 2022).