3 symptoms of sleep paralysis

Have you had the sensation of being awake, but not being able to make any movement? And do you think "the dead went up"? Do not be scared, it may be some of the three symptoms of paralysis of the dream .


Theparalysis of the dream It is a period in which our body can have the inability to make any kind of voluntary movement when starting to sleep , to be asleep or when we wake up.


How to recognize a sleep paralysis?


A study conducted by the Department of Psychology, University of Waterloo , theparalysis of the dream It occurs frequently in people who suffer or have passed a moment of anguish in their life.


People withanguish They are often more susceptible to the idea of ​​witnessing supernatural moments in their life, which can cause them to have the false sensation of floating or difficulty breathing .


To avoid falling into the belief that "the dead is going up" it is advisable to recognize thethree symptoms of paralysis of the dream , here we share some of those mentioned by the Stanford University :



1. Inability to move . There may be difficulties in moving the trunk or some limb of the body.

2. Paralysis of the body . It can be partial or complete.

3. Hallucinations . The brain can play with us during our resting phase, which causes us to create hallucinations or supernatural events.


The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) mentioned that 50% of Mexicans have experienced at least once in their livesparalysis of the dream .


Take your precautions. Establish fixed hours forsleep , activate and decrease the sedentary lifestyle , dinner lightly, do not exceed your consumption of alcohol , tobacco or food drug ; make exercise and keep an adequate weight. Has it happened to you? Share your experience

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