3 keys of body language

Body language is a form of non-verbal communication that expresses certain personal states and attitudes. In a face-to-face conversation, the verbal component is 35% and more than 65% is body language and gestures.

Posture is the easiest way to observe nonverbal, people tend to imitate the bodily forms of others, is the way others say they agree with us or that we like, according to the portal elartedelaestrategia.com

The posture is not only a scheme related to the character, it is also an expression of the attitude, so it is fundamental to learn to read a person, in a conversation, beyond just his words.

In this sense, the head, face and gestures are almost always visible in a face-to-face conversation, so it is important to know some keys for a greater understanding of your body language.

In the head there are three basic positions within a conversation:

1. The head up is the one adopted by the person who has a neutral attitude in relation to what they are listening to.
2. The head is tilted to one side, it is a demonstration of interest.
3. The head is falling down indicates that the attitude is negative and even opposite.

The most important point of communication of the face is in the eyes, the most expressive point of the face.

The ocular communication is, perhaps, the most subtle of the forms of corporal expression, nevertheless it is one of the most susceptible to deception or training, reason why their meanings depend on the specific context of the conversation.

In this way, both the postures of your head, hands, gestures, among others, can communicate more attitudes and / or emotions than just words. And if you learn to read them, not only will you better understand the people around you, but you will also find more effective ways to express yourself.

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