1. Observe

To work In a place where you feel comfortable and do what you like the most is the desire of most people, however, the choice is not always correct and they end up frustrated, moody and disappointed.

The connection you have with your place of work it is just like that of a love relationship: if everything is fine and it looks good in a superficial way, it can not last long. You have to get involved and in these cases it is better now to repent later.

So if you're about to accept an offer of work Knowing the culture of the company is the first step in deciding if you stay or better.

Today we present some guidelines to keep in mind during your interviews so that you know what you will face if you decide to take the vacancy, according to Zoho , a company specialized in operational systems for companies.


1. Observe

Observe as much as you can, observe from the general to the particular. In this sense, you should appreciate the decoration and the conditions of the place, the environment, the relationship established by coworkers and more. Keep your eyes and ears wide open.

Tracks like a partner forbidding another to make calls, drink liquids or anything else can tell you a lot about the company, as well as the freedom that employees have to customize their space and even to dress and comb their hair.


2. How much attention do they give you?

Incredible as it may seem that your interviewer may seem distracted as soon as he has asked you one or more questions. This may be a sign of alarm: either you are not paying attention and you probably will not in the future or you have decided that this position is not for you. In either case that only shows that the other person does not have much respect for you.

So wherever you go look for signs that let you know that your future collaborators - or at least, bosses - are interested in you. A good way to find out is if a small dialogue emerges in the interview beyond the formal question-answer question.


3. Are they human or robots?

If you look at the recruiter (or potential boss) with care you can learn a lot about your future in that company. Just remember the body language, because although he says that "gives your team a lot of freedom", your position can say the opposite. Are you tense, tired, frustrated, or do you handle everything naturally?


4. You against your résumé

Some recruiters take the talk to each point described in your resume, but is a job interview not more than that? If directing all the attention to your CV was the objective, with a telephone conversation or just with your summary would suffice.

If your interviewer takes your CV as a pretext to delve deeper into your aspirations, skills and your person everything is on the right track, if not, that only makes it clear that the company cares about your abilities and not about you. That is, not looking for a person, but someone who can meet. Is that for you?


5. Is your potential boss in love with your company?

Unhappy employees make a place of work Unhappy and the other way around, when someone is in love with what they do and where they do it, it shows. You do not even have to dig deep into it. It's the first thing you see. It's like being in love with someone.

If your potential boss talks about the great work culture they have and is proud of where you are, you are in the right place.

The key is to observe. You will decide.

Video Medicine: Look Around (Permaculture Principle 1: Observe & Interact) (December 2023).