1. Nutrients and fats according to their age

Every morning you get up with the intention of giving the best to your family. You prepare to enjoy your day to the fullest, only sometimes you run out of ideas when preparing breakfast.

But calm down! You can trust that you will give your children the best nutrition, if you give them a balanced diet that includes a low-fat milk; because it is important to balance your fat intake from children.


1. Nutrients and fats according to their age

Most children develop more cognitive activities when they enter the coelgio, and require more attention. They dedicate more hours to the study, to add, subtract, or to practice some musical instrument or special learning, and it is important to regulate the amount of iron and calcium that they consume, for a better development.


2. You strengthen your growth


All children need to ingest enough calcium for optimal development and stronger bone structure; milk is the main means by which they can obtain it.


By giving them a glass of low-fat milk before going to school as part of their breakfast, you help them improve their concentration because it provides energy to help them perform more in their activities.

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