Yoga reduces levels of stress

Work, family and daily responsibilities are a source of stress that little by little is damaging our health. However, eliminate the stress It can be simpler than it seems; With this routine of five exercises you can relax and at the same time strengthen your muscles .

What material do you need?


Bolster (cushion)


1. Lie down on the bloster, support the torso from the lower ribs to the head. Fold the blanket and place it under the head. Extend the legs and place the arms on the floor separated from your body, with the palms towards the ceiling. Release the weight of your entire body. Bend knees, rest your feet on the floor and turn to fetal position, then sit down.

2. Take a chair and place the backrest against the wall. Stand in front of the chair, take the seat with your fingers underneath minus the thumb on the seat. Walk towards tras. Gently press the chair seat with your hands and bring the pelvis back and up. Relax the neck, release the head. Walk forward and get up gently.

3. Lean forward, lengthening your back. Stretch to stay in "cat" position, contract the abdomen and hold the position for five breaths. Afterwards, open the elbows, lower and hold this position for three seconds. Return to the original position.

In the following video Ana Paula Domínguez shows you how to make the exercise anterior correctly to tone biceps, triceps and legs:

4. Place the bolster vertically and the blanket over it. Get on your knees in front of the cushion. Make a forward bend and stay reclined on the support. Relax your arms, support a cheek and release the weight of your body. Rest your hands on the floor, and get up gently.

5. Sit on your side in front of the bolster. Place your hands on the floor on the sides of the cushion when doing the twist, and lie on the support supporting the abdomen. Place your hands on the floor on the sides of the cushion, get up gently and repeat the position on the other side.

Pamper yourself with this simple routine and say goodbye to the stress . Do it at least 3 times a week and you will soon notice the results.

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Video Medicine: Yoga For Anxiety and Stress (May 2021).