WHO warns of a new mutation of E. coli bacteria

The bacterium E. Coli responsible for outbreak that has infected hundreds of people in Europe, has been identified as a new know never before seen, indicated the World Health Organization.

A preliminary genetic sequence suggests that the knowledge is a mutation of two types of E. Coli, but with much more aggressive genes, which explains why the outbreak is so dangerous and massive .

Hilde Kruse , a WHO food expert, commented to the news agency The Associated Press that bacterium "It is a unique knowledge that has never been isolated before ... it has several characteristics that make it more virulent and toxin-producing" than the type of bacterium that we can usually find in the digestive system of the humans.

More than 1,500 people have fallen ill due to the new mutation of E. Coli, including almost 500 who have developed a weird kidney failure and 18 dead so far.

Researchers have not been able to identify the cause of the disease, but authorities in Germany (the country where the outbreak has hit hardest) recommend not eating lettuce, tomatoes or cucumbers. The WHO has recommended the recommendation of washing hands before eating and cooking, separating raw meat from cooked food, and washing fruits and vegetables, preferably also peeling the shell , if they are eaten raw.

Russia has already prohibited the entry of imports of vegetables of the entire European Union.

Source: The Associated Press.